About us

We are all about great service. Knowledgeable, friendly and reliable.

Mark preparing the paper for the folding machine

Mark packing up leaflets off the end of the line.

We have recognised that the Print Buyer role has disappeared from a lot of Agencies and marketing Department and we are happy to assume this role and advise you on how to spec a job.

Not sure what weight stock you need or how to count the number of pages you have in your book? Don’t worry we’ve done it all before and we can guide you through the process if you are new to buying print, it’s all part of the service.

Steve loading the ink into the litho press at Apple Colour, Bristol Printer.

Steve loading the ink into the litho press

Tight budget? – call us and we will talk you through what is achievable for your project within the available budget and make suggestions that you may not have thought of. You would be surprised how much difference that extra 4 pages make to the price, or that extra 5mm on the overall size. 

Get us involved as soon as you can to save time and quite often money, by making cost saving suggestions regarding sizes and stock

This Bristol printer is here to help. Give us a call on 0117 972 8900