Could a double throw-out be the solution?

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 at 10:54 am

double throw-out in brochure for Meridian printed by Apple Colour Bristol printer

Cover of the Meridian brochure featuring the double throw-out.

So you have a conventionally bound brochure but you have a beautiful landscape image or chart that just won’t fit over a double spread. Why not look at a throw-out or double-throw out as an option.

Throw-outs can be single or double (with either one fold or two, depending how much content you have to include) On a double throw-out the pages roll fold back into the brochure. See the example below for Meridian Windows.

Just remember when you set up the artwork, the width of the inside pages must be smaller than the outside pages so they can neatly fold into the brochure flat.

You can attach a throw-out to a text page or cover.  This example is a double throw-out on a text page, but for more example and an explanation of how throw-outs work please see Print Question of the Week.  What is a throw-out, hosted by our very own Clive.

Throw out in the brochure for Meridian windows printed by bristol printer apple colour.

The throw out looks like a normal page in the brochure but there is a loose edge that you can unfold from the spine

Brochure with double throw-out printed by Bristol printer, Apple colour

Open the first fold of the double throw-out to reveal another two pages.

double throwout from bristol printer apple colour

Open up again to reveal a further two pages. The double throw-out gives you an extra 4 printed pages , two on each side.

Printed by bristol printer, apple colour, a brochure with a double throw-out on a text page

Here are the two pages on the reverse, shown along side the cover of the brochure. The pages are easily roll folded and placed back inside the brochure. A simple but effective design feature