Create artwork templates which are editable through an online portal

Do you have some artwork you would like made into a template so alternative version scan be made easily through an online portal? Then the Apple Core can manage this for you.

editable Artwork Templates accessed through an online portal.

The Apple Core is a system which can generate templates from existing artwork and create editable fields within the templates which allow users to create personalised versions of artwork and place orders for print all within a customised branded portal.

….And the best thing is that YOU decide what is editable within your design and set the parameters of those elements. This allows you to honour the consistency of the design by controlling the font style and size and image content of each variable.

Then all the user has to do is fill in the form on the left and it will populate the template on the right and place their print order and it will be delivered to their door. So if you want all versions of your literature to look the same, then this is the best way to control them. Use of the Apple Core has successfully bridged the gap between this Bristol printer and a number of Agencies and direct Customers. Allowing Customers to order print of their own versions of artwork through an online portal.


Portal housing the editable artwork templates


Guaranteed consistency for your brand

Having problems with individuals  interpreting your brand guidelines differently? The templates will act as an automated brand guardian ensuring the guidelines are adhered to by everyone using the portal. It not only ensures consistency of each version of artwork but also as our background is as a Bristol printer,  the colour of the print and the stock used for all the items will be consistent as they will all be printed in one location and can be despatched worldwide, printing either litho or digitally dependant on your requirements.

layout of the checkout of the portal housing the editable artwork templates

layout of the checkout of the portal housing the editable artwork templates

Who does the core work for?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions then the Apple Core template and ordering system could help your business:

  • Does your company want to increase the consistency of brand communications and protect the brand identity internally and externally?
  • Do you want to manage the procurement of stationery and other printed items through one system to help with budget management?
  • Are you a company offering marketing material to support the onward sale of your products through your customers. For example a franchise or a manufacturer? Would it be more impactful if that literature was personalise? View the MASCO UK case study
  • Are marketing materials produced by different sites with different interpretations of the brand guidelines?
  • Do you allow people externally to use your brand?
  • Would you like your Designers to concentrate on creating new designs and let adaptations become more of an administrative task which would be a cost saving?
  • Would you like new versions of artwork to be created quickly and to guidelines without the expense of using someone externally?

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The layout of the site is simple

what the menu looks like on the portal with the editable artwork templates

what the menu looks like on the portal with the editable artwork templates


Create bespoke literature within set templates

This poster template has been set up  to allow multiple editable areas that can be changed to create new versions.  



Useful Features:

Sign off:

-If sign off is required of the artwork or the payment by a senior member of the team, prior to the order being placed, this can be added.

Quantities and price:

-The quantities and the prices are set up during the build helping to manage budgets.


-Payment can be made via purchase order. The PO number can be set as a mandatory field so orders cannot be placed without a valid PO number.


-Users can self register or they can be set up and log in details supplied.

-Users can be grouped so they only have access to the items used by their department through the portal.

Non editable templates:

-The branded portal can also be used to order generic literature and other items including promotional merchandise , keeping all the ordering through one system means it is easier to track and manage.

For more details  about how an online portal, with generic and editable artwork templates could transform your business, please give us a call on 07786 267662 or email for a quote.

Who Does the Apple Core Work For?

Templated artwork within an online ordering portal supports businesses in a variety of sectors

Who uses the core?

Want to discuss the Apple Core further? Want to see if it is right for you and your business?

Then why not give Lindsey a call on 07786 267662 or alternatively email using the button below to discuss your specific requirements.

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