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The Apple Core offers so many time saving features that the investment is easy to justify and will be more economical than you think.

Apple will consult with you to ascertain the parameters of your Apple Core project to work out how affordable using editable artwork templates can be.

It may be as simple as you want to use the portal to order generic print items and have templates of the stationery only. This is a simple but perfect use for the system and the set up fees and usage cost will be very reasonable and justifiable with the time saving.screen-grab-of-orable-gym-menu

In order to quote the follow details will be required (or if it is easier just give us a call and we can pop in to go through your requirements)


  • Do you requires a fully branded portal?

  • How much artwork is to be entered into the system, generic and editable. (Artwork to be supplied in InDesign)

  • Is it a one off project or is this with a view to entering more items in future?

  • Identifying the number of editable fields and their parameters for each item including;

    • Defining the scope for the editable fields

    • Will a character count function be required or image cropper?

    • The extremes of the likely content to be included i.e. the longest name or telephone number that must be accommodated.

  • Define the content of the form filling area, including proof approval function, PO number requirement, print quantities and prices and whether any of the fields are mandatory

  • Number of logins required.

  • What is the likely print spend to go through the Apple Core?

Processing an Apple Core order at the Bristol printers

Processing an Apple Core order at the Bristol printers

Based on this information a quote will be produced broken down into the following sections, so you can see how affordable having a portal with editable templates can be.

  • Build cost – based on how many generic and editable templates need to be created in the system
  • Print cost matrix will be agreed based on the likely spec and quantities for each project
  • Monthly fee for the use of the system


Want to discuss the Apple Core further? Want to see if it is right for you and your business?

Then why not give Lindsey a call on 07786 267662 or alternatively email using the button below to discuss your specific requirements.

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