MASCO case study- the use of artwork templates

The Apple core proves to be a valued addition to the marketing department at MASCO UK

Use of editable artwork templates available through an online portal allow users to create personalised versions of artwork and order print.

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MASCO Corporation, is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of brand name consumer products for the home and within the corporation MASCO UK Window Group provides the complete solution for specifier, fabricators and installers in PVCu products for all market sectors.

MASCO use the Apple Core,  to effectively coordinate and manage the production and delivery of marketing materials to their customers. Managing a portfolio of over 100 customers over 4 brands, they successfully manage personalised marketing material using the editable templates for large companies of distributors through to independent installers.

“Using the Apple Core has streamlined the production of our marketing literature. It allows us to keep control of the brand, by establishing guidelines within the templates we have saved in the system. It is set up to allow us to create artwork specific to each customer by a form filling procedure which saves time and money and the predetermined price matrix allows us to monitor our marketing spend and orders can be easily tracked through the system. It is a real asset to the marketing team and makes version control of the artwork and the placing of print a much simpler process”

Roshni Patel Group Marketing Project Co-ordinator, UKWG


How it works

Log into the portal to access the templates.

The menu allows the products to be categorised on the left, facilitating easy navigation to the correct brand and item.

Branded portal with product menu

Personalised marketing material ordered through an online portal


Once a product is selected the user enters the editing section where they are required to fill out the form on the left.

 FORM filling

Masco stationary form filling screen grab

Fill in the forms on the portal to create personalised marketing material using the preloaded templates

Asset management

MASCO UK work both in conjunction with Design Agencies and inhouse Designers. They use the Apple Core as an asset management tool to keep all artwork in one location ready for updating and ordering print.  Storing all the artwork in templates whether they are editable or generic, in a single portal, allows the production of the personalised marketing material to be straightforward for any member of the team and print orders can be placed easily.

What do they offer to their customers?

MASCO UK produce product literature ranging from A5 2pp dropcards to 76pp brochures. The templated literature is available to their customers to facilitate the marketing of their products through the supply chain. Templates are loaded into the Apple Core with editable areas identified by the marketing department. By filling in a form on the branded portal, customers are able to upload their own logos and contact details and promotional offers. The advantage to the customer is that whatever size business they are they will benefit from  professional literature featuring their own company details, without the cost of the origination of the artwork. The benefit to MASCO UK is that they can control the look of the marketing literature that is being used to advertising their brand.

The localisation of Duragreen literature

Features of the system

A unique feature of the Apple Core is that it allows for variable length documents. Meaning you can not only produce editable areas which can be limited by a character count function but also you can choose to include or exclude certain pages dependant on the content selected in the form filling area. This could be product dependant. Colours are also variable within the template to reflects brand colours and customer preference.

Placing orders

The system allows you to track and monitor orders. On the MASCO UK portal, orders can only be placed once a purchase order has been input.  All available quantities and costs are prepopulated in the system keeping the ordering process as simple as possible. All print is produced by Apple Colour at their Bristol Printers, guaranteeing the consistency of colour and stock for all the literature produced.

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