What does the online editable artwork system look like?

The functuality of the system is versatile and the design can be bespoke

The editable artwork system, which we call the Apple Core is most appropriate for businesses using the same literature over a number of sites and need the flexibility to make localised updates inhouse through an easy to use online portal. They can produce their own versions of artwork and order their print online.


We have found that the use of a branded marketing portal improves staff engagement and encourages them to use the system. Each user would have their own login so orders can be tracked.

Branded portal LOG in page

The Apple Core is a marketing portal for asset management and the creation of localised versions of literature

Page layout is intuitive

The page layout will be familiar for anyone who uses  e-commerce sites.  The menu layout allows you to choose your category on the left and click on the product on the right before you go through to the form filling area to input the information into the editable fields in the marketing portal.

Page layout

The Apple Core is a marketing portal for the creation of localised versions of literature using preloaded templates

Dynamic updating

For the form filling stage you are required to fill in the fields on the left, either free typing or by choosing from a drop down menu or library of prepopulated images. As you populate the fields on the left the preview on the right will be updated automatically so you can see how it will look and address any amends before proceeding.  You can preview a high res PDF by pressing the ‘PDF preview’ button.

Form filling stage

this marketing portal is easy to use, similar to many ecommerce sites

Picture editing is integral to the system

The image cropper allows you to rotate and crop the images, in the system, while maintaining the proportions needed for the template.

Image cropper

Retaining the integrity of the design

The system includes key functionality which ensures content is presented in a considered design within the template. Working within the fixed parameters, the system can be set up to ensure that design consistencies like the size of the font remain consistent throughout the document, despite the varying length of copy on each page, which is a very handy tool within this marketing portal.

copyfit and autohide – dynamic updates

Marketing spends can be reviewed at any time

Orders can be monitored through the Apple Core marketing portal allowing you to analyse spends at any given time and evaluate who is using the system and placing the orders. All print orders are produced inhouse at the Bristol Printers, guaranteeing the continuity of colours and stock.

Order analytics

This marketing portal can help you analyse and measure the response from activity

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