Who does the Core work for?

The system has been successfully integrated in a number of sectors, proving to be a valued addition to marketing departments

The Apple Core system has successfully been applied to projects for Financial Services, Retail, Automotive, Education and Public Sector, Food and Drink, membership organisations and Not for Profit.

Simple application – Create personalised versions of stationery using an online template and order generic print through the online system.

Complex application –  Create fully editable templates from a suite of marketing literature, including brochures, leaflets, posters, pull ups and invites as well as stationery. Users can create personalised/localised versions of literature and place their print orders online. Use the data facility to buy data records based on a set criteria, for use in targetted a DM campaign.


Benefiting teams utilising direct selling and reselling, networking and affiliation internally and externally. Regulating brand guidelines and version control with the capability of managing process approval and monitoring consistent marketing across all users. It also controls ordering and assists budget management as prices can be established upfront for the required quantities. It is a management tool that successfully safeguards your brand while freeing up time through automation.

The Apple core is a successful web to print solution with many extra features to create a full marketing portal




Proof of successful applications are illustrated in the below industry examples.

A franchise company

They want to maintain the quality of the brand through marketing material focused on products and promotions, that will be distributed by a number of franchisees. The solution is to create artwork which contains editable fields which allow the Franchisees to localise the materials themselves through a very simple form filling exercise online.  Approval of artwork by the marketing department can be automatically requested prior to printing. Payment can be done centrally or direct with the franchisees by purchase order or credit card.

An estate agent uses the data facility in the Apple Core.

An estate agent wants to control marketing material and allow local offices to produce their own literature within parameters and brand guidelines set centrally. The literature includes DM which uses the data facility within the Apple Core to target people within a set area. Potential customers can be targeted by their locality and the length of time they have been living at an address, among other filters.

Using the data function within the core is easy

A holiday company

They have 12 destinations in their main brochure, but they want to produce bespoke brochures, featuring just 3 destinations selected by the customer when they request their brochure online. Through an online form filling function, which requires the consumer to enter their personal details and preferences of destination and activity, the system would automatically generate a personalised brochure containing only the 3 destinations selected, including copy specific to the activities they wish to enjoy during their holiday.

content options within a gym brochure

A manufacturer

Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Importers have used this system to support the marketing of their products through the supply chain.  Manufacturers create a branded portal featuring a range of literature templates and give access to their customers to create their own localised literature.  It gives the distributers the opportunity to have professionally designs, on brand, localised marketing collateral, that they may not be able to afford themselves . It offers the opportunity to increase sales and therefore mutually benefit the manufacturer and the distributer. Read the MASCO UK case study

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