Digital Print

..... it might just be the perfect solution

Digital print has far more to offer than just being convenient, low cost and quick. With the arrival of our new digital machine we can now offer not only personalisation but the more creative finishes of lamination, varnishing, foiling and perfect binding and digitally printing an uncoated stock.


Short run foiling for business cards from Bristol Printer, Apple Colour

Short run foiling for business cards

The growth of digital printing technology has bought technical advancements and more options. Personalised digital print has become increasingly popular with companies wishing to target on this level with the opportunity to incorporate data from an Excel spreadsheet into the artwork to create personalisation, whether it’s a personalised insert, unique DM booklet or a promotional leaflet with unique coding.

With the addition of the new finishes and stock available on short runs we can now offer foiling on just 10 copies, spot varnish digital print and lamination, along with Perfect binding. This is an exciting addition to our offering.


personalised digital print is available on the our digital press her at the Bristol Printers, Apple Colour

Saddle stitching of digitally printed brochure

Digitally print samples of your litho jobs.

The digital press also presents the opportunity to produce short run samples of jobs that will ultimately be run on the litho press, helping the approval process for customers and also giving the flexibility to supply copies in advance of the bulk delivery of a litho job, should copies be needs for a specific meeting or event.           (This will only be a suitable option for certain formats).


preparing the digital kit for a new job at Apple Colour, Bristol Printer

Preparing a new job to be run on the digital press.

Litho or digital?

We are able to take advantage of both technologies on site at the Bristol printers so we can select the appropriate technique for your particular job based on your brief. We will make this decision and quote accordingly in order to deliver on time and on budget.

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Combining Litho And Digital Print

Litho and digital under one roof means you can combine the look of litho with the practicalities of digital. A brochure with a heavy cover, printed litho; plus personalised text pages printed digitally, is ideal for combining the two techniques.

See some examples of litho & digital combined