Bristol printer produces all sorts of calendars

Thursday, October 27th, 2016 at 5:16 pm

According to research people refer to calendars four or five times a day. Wow. If you produce a printed calendar for your company and send it to all your existing and prospective customers, that means you could potentially be reminded of your name and your contact information four time a day for an entire year! You couldn’t afford that type of advertising.

Also people will appreciate receiving a printed calendar as most people use them whether they desktop or wall mounted, and you sending them one will avoid them having to buy one for themselves.  So they will be very happy to receive your gift which will overcome the biggest challenge with DM, which is that the recipient doesn’t even open it and just throws it in the bin. Send them something they want and you will have hit the jackpot. Anything that is kept in an office environment that features your logo and strapline acts as a subtle reminder and is some of the best advertising available. You will be front of mind when services of your kind are required.

2016 illustrative calendar

2016 illustrative clendar

Other gifts which can be easily packaged for a DM campaign and have a successful track record are:

Food – everyone loves food. Why not send a fortune cookie, or homemade cookies. (Make sure it looks the part and don’t send anything perishable)

Product samples  – entice them with a sample.  They won’t be able to resist.

Interactive  – send them something they have to make. Perhaps for a competition to win a prize. This is what we did last Christmas.

Screen cleaners – Apparently a microfiber cloth is a very popular gift!

My personal favourite would be a USB printed with your logo.  At this Bristol printer, the sales team can never have enough of these, believe me, and make sure it has good storage capacity so it is really useful. They could end up on someone’s desk or in someone’s bag for a long time to come. Make sure you include your strapline so everyone who sees it knows what service you are offering.

Top tips for the packaging of these items:

-Don’t use a standard envelope, it might be thrown out

-Make sure you have recipients names. It makes all the difference to the opening rates of a campaign

-Entice the recipient with a headline on the envelope or outer

-Know your audience. Who are you sending it to and what would they like.wire bound

Whether you want to print a calendar or package up a toothbrush to advertise your dentist practice then give us a call and we will see how we can incorporate your idea into a neat mailer, but you better get your skates on if it is for this Christmas.

We are also open to new and wonderful ideas, so you don’t need to stick to the conventional.