Anyone fancy going to the velodrome?

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 at 1:29 pm


The briefing is underway

What better way to start the new year than to head to the velodrome in Newport for a fun afternoon of cycling. Sounds good in theory and back in November when we booked it iT all sounded like a smashing idea.  But the day has arrived and not just any date, Friday 13th of January! (unlucky for some)

Looking worried

Looking worried?

What fun I hear you cheer and then as you enter the Velodrome a sense of dread hits you and you think.  Am I good enough for this?  Am I going to keep up with the others? Do I really want to do this? Is it too late to pull out? The Velodrome looks like a dangerous place if something goes wrong but we throw caution to the wind and all dressed in lycra, the training begins.

Not surprisingly everyone was very competitive and with riders of all shapes and sizes anything could happen.

Perhaps we should have just gone down the pub.

Perhaps we should have just gone down the pub.

Accidents were narrowly missed by Mike, Chris and George whose feet came out the pedal at full throttle.  Well done guys, you did very well to stay on the bike. Gav was nearly knocked off by Dave when he overtook without warning. It was all very dramatic.

These fixed bikes (Fixed gear single speed bikes) were quite a challenge. If your legs stop so do the wheels, so no freewheeling, or coasting and tricky to stop until you get the hang of it and get the hang of it we did.

The time trials were full on, 500m as fast as you can,  and I will spare the embarrassment of some, by just saying that the top 3 were as follows:

Ade leading the pack

Adrian leading the pack

Danny Lake 40.481

George Acton 41.764

Rich Bracey 41.818


Would you believe Lester doesn't even have a bike at home.

Would you believe Lester doesn’t even have a bike at home.


Congratulations to the overall winner of the day  Danny Lake and a special prize for Dave Leigh, Rider of the day.

Well done everyone.  No injuries at the Velodrome, but it might hurt in the morning.


Rich is all ready for the time trial


Nick adjusting his stockings before the race


Looking very serious as they are briefed on the next round


Rider of the day tells winner of the day how to do it.

Go Andre go!

Go Andre go!


Gav looked happy until he was beaten by Rich.


Who do we have here? Alex and ??????