Create artwork templates of your InDesign documents which are editable through an online portal.

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 at 3:56 pm

We have expanded our offering and can now create templates from your InDesign File, identify variable fields and make available to edit through an online portal.

In a nutshell:

We can create templates from your InDesign files, which are then editable through a branded online portal, where users can create adaptations (in keeping with your design) and order their print online.  Guaranteeing brand consistency and managing online ordering of printed material which is both generic and editable. Dependant on your print spend this system can be very affordable and save agencies and end clients a lot of time. This new service is offered in conjunction with the print.

Fill in the fileds on the left and the artwork will be generated on the right in the Apple Core, By Bristol Printer, Apple Colour

Fill in the fields on the left and the artwork will be generated on the right


It’s application can be simple or more complex

Simply -it can hold some stationery templates (as shown above) which users can access online and edit to create personalised versions and order print from, like business cards and comp slips.

Complex – It can house a suite of templates of marketing literature including editable brochures, flyers, press ads, postcards, pull ups, banners and social media templates. It can be used as a complete marketing portal solution for ordering all print materials, whether they are generic or editable, on one system.  You can also access data, allowing the user to purchase data records matching the selected criteria, for use in targeted DM.

templates of artwork by Bristol printer, Apple Colour

Portal can be branded with menu of templates available on the left


How it works:

-We create a branded portal to house the templates. The portal is available online and must be logged into or users can self register.

-We build the template from the InDesign artwork that you supply.(unless you want us to build artwork from scratch)

-We work with you to determine what are the editable fields for each product. The parameters of each variable and what they are, whether it is just a name and address, or a date , or a paragraph of copy.

(The variables can be as simple as a code or as complicated as allowing the user to choose the content of a brochure by selecting the copy they wish to include from a drop down menu.)

Layout of the ordering section of the template system for Bristol Printer, Apple Colour

Editing of the variable templates requires the form to be filled in on the left prior to ordering

-We examine the extremes of each of the editable fields, for example, the business card must accommodate the name Tom Ford or Nina Schwatzcoftbodovo, and work out how it should look to be in keeping with your design making sure that font styles and sizes remain consistent with the master artwork where possible or reductions are inkeeping and are kept consistent within each document.

-Generic artwork and editable templates can be ordered through the portal online in quantities and at prices which are predetermined at the time of the build – helping Clients to manage their budgets and make instant buying decisions without having to wait for quotes.

-Items and users can be added at any time.


Advantages for an Agency

-A new service which could be an extension of your offering

-The Agency remains creative guardian for the products installed in the system as templates are built using approved artwork and the integrity of the design and layout is protected.

-The Agency no longer has to worry about passing over their designs to the Client, as the templated system will dictate the parameters of the editable areas and guarantee brand consistency. The Agency can concentrate on the design and brand work instead of creating different versions of artwork, which the Client could handle themselves, if they worked within the parameters regulated by a template.


Advantages to the end Client

-Piece of mind that their branded literature will stay consistent throughout their organisation.

-The portal is branded and therefore more engaging for staff as it encourages ownership.

-Flexibility to create versions of artwork themselves at their convenience with no extra cost for artwork origination and no unnecessary delays.

-Quantities and print costs are established at the time of build and can be fixed for a certain period. Helping with budget management.

-Ordering of all print items, generic and variable go through the same system, meaning it can be easily tracked.

-Automated sign off, of artwork and costs, for each order can be introduced if required

-The PO number can be a mandatory requirement so orders cannot be placed unless a PO is assigned.

-Items can be paid for centrally or by individual users, via PO, invoice or credit card.

-Items and users can be added at any time.

Ordering print through the template system based on prepopulated quantities and prices by Apple Colour, Bristol printer

Ordering print through the template system based on prepopulated quantities and prices



The charge for the build and ongoing use of the portal will be based on:

-Number of items to be added, editable and generic.

-Complexity of the variables in each editable template.

-Number of users and whether they self-register or are given log in details.

-Likely print spend per year. (If you are printing a reasonable amount of print each year, say £50-100k then the price of the portal is minimal)


The template system is offered as an extension of our print business therefore they are offered as a package only. 

Who uses this system and why?

Who does the Core work for?

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