Fluorescent print and spot UV

Thursday, May 19th, 2016 at 12:47 pm

It is such a joy to work with a customer who wants to try new things.  A customer who wants to experiment with techniques to get the best results and they do. Incycle, Spring Issue 20 is no exception.

With Saddleback, they like to try something new with each issue and this attention to detail reflects the quality of the brand and the equipment within this cycling publication.IMG_7191

This time it was all about the yellow on the cover and the spot UV.

Firstly, how can we give the yellow on the cover the contrast and stand out that it needs for real impact.

There were 2 thoughts on how to achieve this effect but by far the winner was the use of a fluorescent yellow as a 5th colour on the litho. Now it is not a quick artworking job to pick out the detail of every scrap of mud and dust which is flying through the air and apply the 5th colour, not if you want it done well.  Every splash of mud on the riders back has the 5th colour applied to it.  It really does zing.

And the UV?  Not only is it applied to ‘Incycle magazine’ but on the cover, there is also  a throw out on the inside front cover with a very subtle Spot UV with ‘THE20THISSUE’. Very classy.  (And Congratulations by the way!) The throwout is extravagant but beautifully shows off the yellow on the cover over 3 pages giving it the wow factor and then you open to reveal the Spot UV.2


The outside cover, printed onto a 350 gsm Symbol Freelife  Satin,  is then finished with a matt laminate, the text is printed in 4 colours onto 170gsm Symbol Freelife Satin and then it is all PUR bound for durability.(Perfect binding is fine up to a certain number of pages but when you go over that number of pages it is best to go to PUR binding as it is gives you the same look but is much stronger)

Fluorescent print  doesn’t have to be used for the obvious application of creating block fluorescent colour.  The ink can be applied in a much more subtle way  to create highlights within your artwork and photography.

Whether used in a subtle or more prominent way, it is just another option to pick out something specific within your photography or design and stylize it in the way Saddleback have used for this cover.IMG_7173


This publication doesn’t hang around for long at Apple Colour. Too many cyclists who want to see the latest gadgets!