The process of litho printing offers the capability to use all types of stock

Lithographic print is the most common high volume commercial printing technology. It offers the flexibility to use all types of stock, allowing you to print on light paper (60gsm uncoated/90gsm silk) up to boards (700 microns) of varying textures and is most suited to print runs of a few hundred copies upwards.

The process of litho printing retains the integrity of the stock as the ink is absorbed allowing the look and feel of the paper to be inherent to the final product, giving it a more considered appearance. litho5 The main advantages of litho printing are the image quality, cost effectiveness (as the unit cost goes down as the quantity goes up) and options of stock.

There are many contributing factors to consider when choosing how to print and finish a job, including the size, stock, finish and turnaround time of your job.

Loading the litho press with paper

Litho or digital

We are able to take advantage of both technologies on site so we can select the appropriate technique for your particular job based on your brief.  We will make this decision and quote accordingly in order to deliver on time and on budget.


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Combining Litho And Digital Print

Litho and digital under one roof means you can combine the look of litho with the practicalities of digital. A brochure with a heavy cover, printed litho; plus personalised text pages printed digitally, is ideal for combining the two techniques.

See an example of litho & digital combined