Printed passport with leather feel cover.

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 at 4:35 pm

2 curved corners of the passport shaped brochure printed by apple colour, bristol printer

Rounded corners of the passport shaped brochure

This time of year, everyone seems to be jetting off here there and everywhere for the holiday season. This beautiful passport brochure features holidays you could only dream of, but let us not digress (although it is very easy to looking at these amazing locations).

This format is simple but clever.  A passport shaped brochure with a soft touch laminate to the cover, so it feels a bit like leather. The rounded corners replicate the look of a passport and the leather feel to the cover makes it even more authentic.  Perfect bound, this is a neat format and could be produced at passport size, or slightly larger like the one featured here for Halcyon. This brochure was printed litho but it may also be an option to print digitally if you didn’t want to include the soft touch laminate and went for a matt laminate instead and only needed a small amount.