The Little Book of Phobias by Taxi Studio

Cloth bound with board covers featuring a clear foiling

brand book for Taxi studios printed by Apple Colour, Bristol Printer

Brand Book for Taxi Studios

Whenever we are asked for samples of previous work it is always a pleasure to remind ourselves of what has gone before, as we look back through the file copies.

There is always something to learn from each job.  New techniques to try, problems to overcome.  We have a great reputation for producing the more difficult jobs well and this is another little beauty which we produced for Taxi Studio a few years ago.


We love working with clever agencies. They not only have the best ideas but they also traditionally get the most excited about finishes and stock. This is a super little book of marketing genius.  With the strapline of ‘Fearless Creativity’ what better way to show this line off than producing ‘ The Little Book of Phobias’.

cat in replection in brand book by Apple colour, Bristol printer

Cat reflected in the foil mirror

This book is a good example of a number of finishes being combined in one piece. Inside we have used a drip gloss and a foiling to create a mirror,  to reflect the cat on the page, giving itself a fright. All beautifully bound with cloth, with red end papers, with a board cover attached to the front and back. A clear foil has been applied to the copy on the board cover.

binding look book for taxi studios printed by Bristol printer, apple colour

Binding of look book