Book to accompany exhibition

.......featuring stunning photography of working care-farm in Stapleton, Bristol. Cover printed in black on a grey board.

What a wonderful local community project funded by the Arts Council. A stunning photographic collection presented in a book to accompany an upcoming exhibition.


bok to accompany exbitition printed by apple colour, bristol printer

Spread of the book

The photographs are taken by photographer and filmmaker Esther May Campbell and capture the working of the farm which works with special needs people, known as a working care-farm, in Stapleton, Bristol.  It is a charming collection and beautiful coffee table book perfect to take home as a reminder of the exhibition.

The cover is printed on a very usual stock, making use of Eskaboard, which is sometimes referred to as grey board which is commonly used for packing. This choice of cover has real standout and printed in black only is very impactful. A great look, if that is your desired effect and this is an technique which could be recreated on the digital. This cover is printed onto a 300gsm board.

The finished size is 280 x 220 and the text pages are printed onto a 150gsm Arcoprint milk. (very appropriate for a farm!)

perfect bound book to accompany the exhibition, produced by Bristol printer, apple colour.

Close up of the perfect binding

The exhibition and book is supported by The Arts Council and will be a treasure trail for visitors to explore this special place through a collection of textural black and white photographs that artistically pick their way through the special natures of Elm Tree where volunteers, carers and adults with learning disabilities work together to nurture life, community and friendship. The images reveal how those at the centre, who are often cared for by others, become carers themselves – of the land, animals, trees and plants and one another – and the transformation as a consequence of this.


book to accompany exhibition in stapleton Bristol, printed by Apple Colour, Bristol printer

Close up of the black ink on the grey board of the cover

” For the past year we have had the honour of having Esther gently making herself at home on the Farm and becoming an almost invisible part of our landscape. She has spent this time getting to know us all, humans and animals, and the resulting book and exhibition is nearly ready. Whether your interest is food & farming, learning disability, animals, people, landscape, there is something here to take your breath away. Esther has captured images of the people we support on the Farm with enormous compassion and sensitivity, but also with humour and an eye for their essential selves. We have loved seeing the results of her work, as her approach to our farm has evolved over the seasons. She has produced fully rounded images of people with learning disabilities in a way they are not often portrayed – busy, productive, thoughtful, deep in communication, expressive, self-contained. Her pictures of us staff have revealed sides of ourselves we may not always show at work. Little gatherings of us have formed in various corners, comparing notes (and groaning over our own pictures of course!), but remarking how beautiful, handsome, strong or mischievous she has revealed us to be. The work has given us a vital new window to see each other through. It has been beautiful and transforming to have her around. We would love to have as many people as possible come along in September and see her stunning work”.

Lisa Allan (Horticultural Support Worker)

come to the exhibition. printed by Apple Colour, Bristol printer

Details of the exhibition

See the exhibition 28th September-1st October at Elm Tree Farm, Bristol, BS16 1AA, where you will see giant images popping up amongst the pigs, ducks, sunflowers and apples. Prints, which hold life still for a magic moment, will be surrounded by their living and breathing muses in resplendent early Autumn conditions while the farm will supply teas & coffees, tail on the donkey, pig scratching lessons and many other adventures. Come on down.