Chalico Walk-White foil blocking

The customer wanted a raised pattern on the cover of the brochure. We looked into whether white foiling would be an option on a laminated cover.

We print many property development brochures through the year, all with different specifications.  Some requiring just a simple A4 portrait brochure with glossy photos but some higher end developments require something a bit different, to stand out in this competitive market, so what about using a white foil?


property brochure using foiling, printed by Apple Colour, Bristol Printer

The Chalico Walk brochure is for an exclusive development in Brentford Lock West and is designed by Village Design & Creative Marketing, and they wanted to feature a foiled pattern on the cover of the brochure.

White foiling used on the cover of the brochure by Bristol Printer, Apple Colour

The desired texture was for the white wavy pattern design to be raised, so the design would standout visually with extra shine to the white areas and the lines would protrude as you run your hand over the cover. So how could this effect be achieved? This is where the partnership between an Agency and their Printers is so important. The Agency has a creative idea as to how they would like it to look and feel and the printer brings the knowledge of how best to achieve it.

White foiling was tried by bristol printer, apple colour

White foiling was considered for the white cover detail

Initially white foiling was considered as the solution. The white lines would be created by applying a white foil to specific areas on top of the spot colour print on the cover. However with a matt laminate applied to the cover, it was important to check that the white foil would adhere to the laminate.  (A problem we have experienced before, so something we suspected would not work- so we tried it and dropped over a sample to discuss the issue, particularly handy as we are both Bristol based.)



As we suspected the white foil struggled to adhere to the matt laminate finish of the cover, so instead of relying on the white foil to create the white areas, we advised that the white should be created on the cover, by excluding the spot colour ink from certain areas, allowing the white colour of the paper to show through.  The cover should then have the matt laminate applied throughout and then a clear foil applied to the white pattern only.

The end result is the same but the process slightly different to guarantee the quality of the end results. This video shows the texture created by using a matt laminate with a clear foil applied over the top.

applying a white foil to a matt laminate

Why can a clear foil can be applied to a matt laminate but a white foil cannot.  Well it is all in the make up of the white foiling and is an age old problem! best to look for an alternative process to use.


We are here to help, and work together with our customers to achieve the best results. That is when we show our value as a print partner and if you have any queries about how you should print your next job, give us a call on 0117 972 8900. We are happy to help you define your job or use the helpful guides on the website to learn more about how to spec a job.