Digital print of Christmas card with all the trimmings.

A Christmas card to showcase our digital print kit

It seemed like an obvious choice to show off our new Digital print kit on our very own bristol printer Christmas card.  An opportunity not to be missed to try all the new techniques available and see how they looked and share them with our customers at this festive time…. AND THEY LIKED IT.

“Just received Apple’s mailer – it’s absolutely fab. Such a great job well done you lot! It’s the best thing we have received by far!” GEMMA, HELLO

“Just received your brilliant Christmas card, extremely clever, congrats to whoever wrote it. Great idea to market your new machinery and so refreshing to receive a ‘printed’ card rather than a sterile email (like this!).” HAYDON- HAYDON DIX

 “Thank you for the Christmas card!!  I love it…very clever…it looks brilliant!”  FIONA, VILLAGE DESIGN AND CREATIVE MARKETING LTD


Digital print Christmas card printed on black Plike

Digital printed black ink on black almost looks like a spot uv.

We wanted to design and print something that would not only stand out from the crowd but that would showcase what the new digital print kit could do and something our customers would keep to reference in the new year when they consider how they could use some of these techniques in their short run print. And it sounds like they liked it.




So we made a list of the features and techniques we wanted to include:

-The size of a flat sheet that we can apply digital print to  is 700 x 330mm, so we designed a format that would use the maximum width.

-The stock can be 52- 350gsm and textured, so we opted for a 330gsm black Plike.

-Printing with white and neon ink. Would look great against a black paper.

-Printing with 4 colour onto a coloured stock. First lay down the white and then print the 4 colour over the top.

digital print greetings card for Bristol Printer

Flat sheet of the card before it is folded.

-Varnish to pick out the details.  What would best show this off?

-Personalisation. Let’s include a company name on the front of the card and include the first name in a banner on the reverse.

-Printing low volumes. To be sent to 200 customers. A perfect digital print job.

folded digital print christmas card for Bristol printer

Folded like a book, but expands to reveal a banner on the reverse.


So how was this Bristol printer inspired? We wrote a poem about dressing a Christmas tree and applied a different technique to each element, like the star and the baubles and the lights.

Format and fold

We wanted it to look like a book and at the same time show the maximum width you can print on the machine at this Bristol Printer.  So we created a 14 page concertina fold with an integral 4 page wrap around cover. You can flick through the pages like a saddle stitched book and then you can expand the concertina fold to reveal the personalised banner, ‘Merry Christmas Andy’ on the reverse.

Showing off the techniques

example of the fold for digital print christmas card for Bristol printer

Concertina fold with a wrap around cover.

Each page featured a different element being added to the tree and showed off a digital technique.

First the lights. ‘Let’s hunt for the lights as they’re always a bore, But with neon ink bulbs, they’re never a bore.’

Then the Tinsel ‘Made up of strands, it spirals up to height, And look at the detail when you print it in white.’

Baubles next. ‘Some green, some red, some bulbous, some flat, Add a varnish to shine, but without it they’re flat.’

back spread of the folded digital print christmas card for Bristol printer

The reverse reveals a personalised banner featuring a name

And the star ‘Print a CMYK Gold and top with a garnish, by adding a super shiny gloss varnish’

The pattern on the cover is printed in black ink onto the black Plike which makes it look like a spot uv. Very clever.


Add the personalisation to the cover ‘Company Name Edition’ and on the reverse ‘Merry Christmas First name’

digital print card for Bristol printer

Personalised cover featuring the company name printed in white.

Fold and secure with a red belly band with gold foiling, keeps this little mailer contained and neat for future reference.


A lovely portfolio piece to demonstrate the capabilities of the new digital print kit.

What will you print digitally in 2017?

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