Digitally printing with white ink

White ink can be used for far more than the usual white copy on a colour stock.

We are very excited about the addition to our digital offering. We can now print with white ink.


digitally printed white ink printed on black plike by GFSmith, by Bristol Printer, Apple Colour.

White ink on black plike

Printing with white ink looks particularly effective on coloured stocks and as it is available digitally, if you need 10 copies of a folder we can print just 10 copies.  Remember we can now laminate, foil and varnish on short runs too, and with a maximum flat size of 700 x 330mm we are able to produce landscape A4 brochures and folders.


So whether you need a handful for a presentation or a couple of hundred, the digital machine is an option worth exploring  and also being digital, you can include personalisation in each copy.

White ink digitally printed onto a red stock at Bristol printers, Apple Colour

White ink digitally printed onto a coloured stock




Printing in white ink can create some great effects including this very detailed piece of print below.   At first glance it looks this sample looks like it is a special colour printed litho perhaps or a gold foil.  Look a little closer and all is revealed.


White ink has the most obvious application of white copy on black, or a white pattern on a coloured stock or even onto a metallic stock like the Peregrina Majestic from GF Smith, used in the sample. This sample really does demonstrate what great effects can be achieved when used on the right creative.

Printed digitally at Apple Colour, bristol printer using white ink and a black ink on black to create a varnish effect

Printed digitally using white ink and black ink on black to create a varnish effect


How could you use white ink in your next digital project?

Call us to find our what else the digital machine can do.  0117 972 8900