Good Energy event leaflet with personalised printing

Personalised printing

Good Energy sponsor a number of events during the year.  These 6pp leaflets are localised for each event and printed At this bristol prINters, either litho or digital dependant on the quantity.

These leaflets are a great example of the localisation that is possible with personalised printing on the digital machine. The latest version was printed digitally and includes an integral freepost reply device.

Select your product from the menu on the Apple Core online template system, offered by Brostol printer, Apple Colour

Select a product form the menu in the Apple Core, online template system.

How the Apple Core can create and manage your templates?

No more waiting on designers and artworkers to find the time to create the new version that you need.  It is as simple as typing the details into the fields on the left and the system will generate the artwork from this information,  honouring the style of the master template. During the build process the editable fields are identified in the design, and the style of each of these fields are fixed, including font size and style, so the system can work as a guardian for the Brand to make sure that all versions are consistent. The print can be ordered online in set quantities which are set up during the build. Creating a very comprehensive artworking and ordering service available online.

To find out more about the Apple Core template system.


Fill in the fields on the left and the artwork will be generated on the right in the Apple Core, By Bristol Printer, Apple Colour

Fill in the fields on the left and the artwork will be generated on the right.