Internal comms handbook

Digitally printed internal comms literature

We get involved in printing all sorts of literature and what could be more important than the internal comms handbook for companies of all sizes.  A great way to introduce new employees and refresh existing ones of the companies commitments and procedures. Don’t be seen without yours.

Combining digital and Litho

As an internal communications piece this A6 portrait brochure motivates the staff to take their commitment in the target of zero waste seriously by engaging them using the throwout on the inside back page to set objectives for themselves and their team. A special orange colour was require for the 350gsm offset cover so it was run litho by the Bristol Printer,while the text was printed digitally onto 150gsm lumi digital silk. It was required for delivery into Sweden within a few days of the order being placed, so a combination of digital and litho was the ideal solution and would have allowed for personalisation of the text should this have been a  requirement and this could have been handled through a template brought to your by the Apple Core.