Card wallet for material swatches

Simple, smart, elegant. Gold foiling applied to a 4 colour process printed wallet

Card wallet for swatch samples for Willow and Hall, Apple Colour, Bristol printer

Material swatch wallet

It is all in the detail for this high end furniture company.  The logo on this printed card wallet is foiled in gold.  Very simple and it will certainly keep the samples neat as The wallets contain the material swatches for the customers to try a home.


cover of the foiling on the card wallet printed by Apple Colour, Bristol printer

close up of the cover


Printed in 4 colours to both sides and a gold foil applied to one side only. Die cut to shape and folded to create the wallets capacity and flaps. This style of wallet is a called a capacity wallet and is used here by Willow & Hall 


What is the difference between a capacity wallet and a wallet with a gusset.


The v shape gusset between the sides, allows a wallet, envelope or folder to expand to a larger size when the content is inserted.  A wallet with a capacity has a fixed, solid side, like a box,(as per the one pictured here) giving it the ability to carry more content.


die cut shape of the envelope by Apple Colour, Bristol printer

die cut shape of the swatch wallet


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wallet opening printed by Apple Colour, Bristol Printer

wallet opening