Magazine print of Leading – Issue 02

The print run has grown for Issue 2. Word is spreading about this publication.

Inside of the wallet enclosing the magazine print, publication printed by bristol printer, apple colour

Publication slotted into the wallet.

The new edition of the Leading magazine is in and it’s another beautifully designed publication by Design Sanctuary in a slip case wallet.  This is more than just a magazine, it is a work of art, and a book that will be kept and referenced in future. This really is a good example of magazine print and how engaging content, good design and print, can work hand in hand and it’s not just us who thinks so, the magazine has been short-listed in 2 southwest CIPR Marketing Awards including Publication of the Year and Campaign of the Year. So congratulations to QuoLuxTarget & Design Sanctuary who masterminded this new project. It clearly is a huge success and we look forward to future editions this year.

This issue is all about Focus. It is an engaging read with industry experts exploring the strategies involved in ensuring that collective skills, energy and resources are directed appropriately in your business. Not only engaging, but it is an easy read with interesting graphics and illustrations.  In this magazine you will find the tools you need to help achieve a distinctive offering for your business through understanding of your target audience and how to attract their attention.

Inside of the wallet enclosing the magazine print, publication printed by bristol printer, apple colour

Throw out on cover

Issue 02 has the addition of a throw out on the inside back cover to feature a panoramic view of the graffiti by DICE67 on the outside cover  (The throw-out makes the cover a 6pp rather than the traditional 4pp and therefore gives you a longer and thinner landscape layout to use which is perfect to show off the graffiti). It is a 66pp PUR bound brochure with a silver foiled cover on a 300gsm and 150gsm text.  The slip case wallet has a soft touch laminate and the pack is sealed with a translucent sticker which is digitally printed.

And the quantity for each issue keeps going up, so word is spreading.

Look out for the graffiti on the underpass at Waitrose in Cheltenham to see DICE67’s latest work.

So if you or your business needs a little focus then get hold of a copy today and learn from the masters.

View the launch issue for Leading 01. 

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