A mini portfolio enclosed in a business card sleeve.

A business card that is too special to get lost in the back of a drawer.

portfolio and a business card combined, digitally printed by Apple Colour, bristol printer

Portfolio and a business card combined.

A neat little format for an unusual business card from Cog Design.

Wish that your business card did a little more than just give your future customers your name and number?  Wouldn’t it be great if your business card could showcase your work as well as your contact details? This is certainly a tall order in such a small space, and there is nothing worse than a business card which looks cluttered.

So why not give this format a go. It ticks all the boxes and looks pretty neat too.

Sleeve and concertina folded portfolio by Apple Colour, Bristol printer

Inside of the sleeve with the logo printed in black onto the Colorplan Citrine.

The 6pp Business card wrap is printed in black onto 270gsm Colour Plan Citrine.

The 12pp concertina folded portfolio is printed in four colours onto a 100gsm Pro Design. Giving plenty of room to show off your best work and gives space to each project as they are on separate pages.

The folded portfolio is enclosed in the business card wrap and secured with a 19mm diameter sticker featuring the cog logo.

business card with portfolio printed by Apple Colur, bristol printer

Portfolio revealed at the opening of the end of the business card.

If you have an interesting format you would like to explore, give us a call at the Bristol printers and we would be happy to discuss the options available. Call 0117 972 8900