Property brochure with translucent and pocket

... add a few nice trimmings to a property brochure and it makes all the difference.

translucent pages in a property brochure printed by Bristol printer, apple colour, which also features a translucent stock

Embossed and foiled logo on the cover

Another new development in Bristol but with a particularly nice brochure to show off these rather fantastic apartments, duplexes and houses in Bishopston.

From the front cover to the back cover, you can see the features that have been well considered for both looks and practicality. The brochure is 24pp (printed pages) in total and at a size of 248 x 300mm and is saddle stitched.

The cover is printed in 3 colours with a foil embossed area of 50 x 30mm, giving the logo great stand out both in appearance and feel.  A white foiling applied to the ‘LOFT HOUSE 1857’  and an embossed hexagon shape.

translucent pages in a property brochure printed by Bristol printer, apple colour

Translucent stock printed in 1 colour to one side

You open the cover to reveal a translucent stock (which is a stock which you can see through, and there are stocks available that are more translucent than others depending on the weight) The advantage of a printing on a translucent stock (aka transparent simulator or onion skin) is that you can see through to the next page so you can build up layers for a desired effect. In this brochure they have printed the translucent stock in one colour only to the face featuring the title and the pattern, beneath it is the computer generated image of the Loft House communal hall.

which also features a translucent stock by Apple colour, bristol printer

You then proceed with the text which is 16pp printed 4 colours onto a 170gsm Arcoprint Extra White stock which is uncoated.  The photography has reproduced well on this stock and it feels slightly bulky and higher end.

The text pages are top and tailed with the translucent stock and the back cover features a very useful non capacity pocket for the floor plans which can be inserted and updated as required.  The cutter for the pocket has a v shape cut to show there are documents in the pockets and is a design feature that also aids easy access to the enclosed documents. The pocket is part of the cover and is folded up from below and glued along one edge.

translucent pages in a property brochure printed by Bristol printer, apple colour

Cover printed in 3 colours

We hope the sales go well and I’m sure this beautiful piece of literature can only help.