Great photography teamed with simple effects can look very dramatic

If you want to pick out certain elements in a photograph this is an interesting retouching technique. Topped off with a very subtle debossed title. It's all in the detail.

retouched cover with debossing by apple colour, bristol printer

Retouched cover with B&W combination

Incycle is a publication for cycling enthusiasts. From the latest bikes to every gadget you can think of. It is cycling heaven for the amateur and enthusiast, and with a great cover like this, you can’t help but want to open the cover and dive into the content of this PUR bound publication.

The flag remains in colour on the cover of publication incycle by bristol printer, apple colour

The flag remains in colour on the cover.






Has the black and white image been retouched to add coloured areas or was it originally a colour image which has been changed to black and white, apart from the flag, badges and race number. The contrast between the black and white and colour really draws attention to the coloured areas and makes the image so much more interesting than if it had been either completely black and white or colour.

debossing / debossed cover printed by apple colour bristol printer

Debossed cover, viewed from the inside front cover

Finished off with a debossed title to the cover and a matt laminate applied.  Subtle and understated, but you don’t always have to shout about your design and effects.  It’s the careful consideration of their use and to what extent that makes them a success and the combining of effects requires extra thought to make sure they compliment each other and their hierarchy is correct.

The colour badges and race number stand out against the black and white image on the publication print by apple colour, bristol printer

The colour badges and race number stand out against the black and white image


On this particular example first you see the quality of the retouch and juxtaposition of the black and white versus the colour and then look a little closer and the second reveal is the debossing, and you may not even notice this until you open the cover and view the inside front cover. The text is printed on a Printspeed.

cover or cycle publication printed by Bristol printer, apple colour

Cover of incycle publication