Refreshing approach by a solicitor group

Meet the people of BPE. A colourful introduction to their legal business all perfectly presented in a PUR bound brand book with a soft touch laminate.

brand book for solicitors brand books, printed by Apple Colour, Bristol Printer

Meet the people of BPE.

The Design Sanctuary has created an engaging piece of marketing literature which is all about the people who work for solicitor group BPE. This brand book tells the story of the individuals that work for BPE and the services they offer to help you through any legal matters.

BPE solicitor brand book printed by Apple Colour, Bristol printer.

Solicitors brand book


Full of colour, graphics and photography it is an easy read with copy kept to a minimum on each page, giving the photography room to breathe.  What a joy to find the marketing for a legal company such an easy read.

Printed in 4 colours on a 350gsm matt coated cover and 130gsm  matt coated text. With a soft touch laminate applied to the outer cover and PUR bound.  The soft touch laminate gives the cover a very smooth surface and adds a high end feel to this brochure.

solictors brand book printed by apple colour, bristol printer

Spread from the brand book

If you are looking for a solicitor, BPE look like they would be approachable and really support you and your business.


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