Want to print some wrapping paper?

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 at 10:42 am

Thinking of designing some wrapping paper?

so How much does it cost to print wrapping paper?


We print wrapping paper for a number of companies but we do get approached by individuals looking to get just a few hundred sheets.

a stack of print wrapping paper. by apple colour, bristol printer

A stack of printed wrapping paper

So reacting to this popular request we thought we would introduce some offers that we believe are an economical solution and will hopefully help you take the plunge to get your designs printed professionally.



What are we offering:
500 x700mm wrapping paper sheets, litho printed in 4 colour process or black to one side only.
Choice of stocks:
-100gsm 100% recycled uncoated rustic look (flecks in paper),
-100 gsm 100% recycled uncoated smooth,
-100gsm Uncoated
-120 gsm 100% recycled silk
-120gsm Silk

Printed onto 100gsm uncoated or 120gsm silk.

250 copies

1 design £225 (90p a sheet)
2 design £400 (80p a sheet)
4 designs £600 (60p a sheet)

500 copies

1 design £250 (50p a sheet)
2 designs £420 (42p a sheet)
4 designs £700 (35p a sheet)

If you would like to add a solid colour to the reverse (made up of a 4 colours process) this is a flat fee of an extra £100.

Included delivery to one UK address.

The wrapping paper will be printed litho so it is the real deal, just like the professional wrap you see instore. There is a choice of stocks (paper) that you can choose from including a recycled stock and also a choice of uncoated and coated (silk).

Offer to print wrapping paper with bristol printer apple colour

Offer to print wrapping paper with bristol printer apple colour

Kraft paper is lovely but it is very expensive. So try this cheat that we used on the TinSmith wrap pictured here.  Scan some Kraft paper and then use this as the background for the design at artwork stage and then the look will be reproduced as part of the print. Very effective

And if you would prefer a gloss or some other stock that you have in mind, please just give us a call, at the Bristol Printers, and we will explore the options and price up any alternatives for you.

Call 0117 972 8900