Printed Stationery, wrapping paper, greetings cards and tags.

Friday, September 30th, 2016 at 3:41 pm

Shops are full of greetings cards.  So many to choose from that they all start to look the same, but this range is something a bit special.

Designed by Esme Winter, this is a premium stationery brand. The beauty of this collection lies not only in the simple design but the choice of stocks which are selected for both their print finish and their tactile feel which makes them an exclusive brand.

This blue and black design is called ‘Peggy’ and is printed onto Arcoprint Milk. Look out for this brand in a retailer near you. Their bold look is easy to spot. img_8304

Apple Colour produce a range of printed stationery for a number of customers. With Digital and Litho available the presses are suitable for printing most quantities and finishes of greeting cards and stationery collections. We also print a number of wrapping paper designs, in quantities as low as 250 sheets per design. So we frequently work with new designers to print their greetings cards, wrapping paper and gift tags as they launch into this competitive market.