Aardman celebrate 40 years with new printed headbands.

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016 at 2:39 pm

Aardman are celebrating their 40th Anniversary.  Such wonderful creativity should be celebrated and not just because they are based in our very own city of Bristol. Having bought us some of the most loveable characters like Morph, Gromit and Shaun the Sheep they continue to thrill with their new animations and  witty humour. So get your headbands on and show you appreciation.IMG_7297


Aardman have not just been ground breaking in their development of the art of animation but they have been entertaining to people of all ages through the generations. Everyone has their favourite moment they can recall of an Aardman animation. What is your favourite?



Adrians’ favourite character is the Farmer in Shaun the Sheep, who drives his landrover very fast and with the stereo booming.

Mark likes the line ‘Cracking cheese Gromit. Tastes like wensleydale’ from Wallace and Gromit.

Lindsey and Ricky like the vox pop style ads for the electricity board with great lines like ‘easily turn-off-and-on-able’

John like their Wallace and Gromits  lodger  Feathers McGraw, who rapidly lays track from an inexhaustible box in the Wrong Trousers.


If you want to see more about the printing of the headbands for Aardman animation check out the video. Watch Steve replace the plates between the versions. He is removing the Morph plate and preparing the press for the Shaun the Sheep headband. Loading in the plates ready to print the headbands for Aardman on the litho press. These jobs are a 4 colour job so there are 4 plates required on the press. Each plate holds the content for each colour.  The colours build up in layered dots, applied at different angles, to create the final image colours.

We think the printed headbands are a great idea for adults and children.  They are quick to produce and very cost effective and can be punched to whatever shape you would like.  If you have an event you are planning, then these headbands can have real impact and is something for the children to take home.


We couldn’t resist trying them on, although Mark must have forgotten to adjust the size! (Perhaps the researchers at Aardman would like to come over to Apple Colour. Mark is just one of our intriguing characters that could be used as inspiration for their next animation! )