Printing wrapping paper.

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016 at 4:25 pm

Great shopping experiences are enhanced by good  packaging. It makes you feel like you have not only bought something to treat yourself but that it is wrapped up in the most beautiful packaging, which you are going to enjoy unwrapping when you get home. (Just like the thrill of unwrapping a gift, and on this occasion you know it’s going to be great as you chose it yourself.)IMG_7234

The demand for good packaging is high in the Interiors sector as it is for Fashion, after all, you are selling a lifestyle, whether it be the fragrance in the shop or it’s beautiful fresh flowers on the counter. They all contribute to the values of your brand.

Tinsmiths in Ledbury have this well and truly sewn up with this giftwrap designed and produced in collaboration with Apple Colour.  For this piece it is all in the detail and required the building up of authentic textures to create aged layering. Another criteria was that we were looking to produce a template that could be used in future should the fabric texture need to change on the reverse and the letterpress text on the face need updating. So Lester got to work…..

Authentic  letterpress blocks were used to create the typography, which is so iconic.  It was decided that the texture of the paper should be different on both sides.  Behind the letterpress we used the texture of brown paper but on the reverse we wanted to reflect the texture of the patterned fabric.  So we photographed the fabric to use as the design for the reverse.  The colour on the reverse would be used as an accent for the colour of the typography on the face, giving both sides of the paper a complimentary colour way, so when the more awkward shaped items are wrapped and you get a flash of both sides, it looks beautifully considered.IMG_7238

The brown paper background was achieved using 4 colours on the litho press and the colour of the copy was treated as a 5th colour which could be overprinted. This meant that if need be the print of the brown paper texture could be run in advance and then the reverse, with the fabric photography printed, and the face copy overprinted, as and when required.

The giftwrap is printed onto a 120gsm uncoated Exper which gives it that feel of quality, that again makes all the difference on a product like this.  The giftwrap acts as an advert for the shop as soon as it leaves the building .

The Tinsmiths wrapping paper is very popular and is so sought after that customers have been asking if they can buy it! Now there’s a thought. We’re ready when you are Tinsmiths!

Printing wrapping paper is a perfect job for the Apple Colour’s litho press in Bristol, so call us with your requirements.