A singer sewn presentation wallet with a zip

Thursday, April 7th, 2016 at 10:35 am

Nice presentation goes along way. So this one caught our eye. If you were considering a folder or wallet to hold a few items together perhaps this format would be suitable.

IMG_7012We recently received this presentation wallet from  Favini launching a new paper called Remake. It is a singer sewn wallet with a zip. The Natural Feel in Extra Bulky is durable and uncoated and is available in a range of colours, perfect for packaging and catalogues and mailing. One unique feature is that it is made with 25% leather residue. The leather fibres are visible on the surface of the paper (on some colours it is more obvious than others.) It also ticks all the environmental boxes, being produced by 100% green energy and is FSC Certified.

There are so many stocks out there, it is sometimes difficult to know which way to turn.  Budget can dictate those available to you and our resident expert Gavin is available to help you choose the right stock for your project. Give him a call on 0117 972 8900 to discuss your requirements and he can raid the sample cupboard and make some informed suggestions that would best suit your job.