Spot UV printing can give a 3D effect

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015 at 7:05 pm

Incycle is the magazine published by Saddleback featuring all the latest news on the world of cycling and the products to make the most of your ride.


The latest issue has a cover which almost looks like the cyclist is jumping out of the page.  This is due to the Spot UV finish which is applied to the background of the cover photo to emphasise the motion of the background of the shot and give focus and clarity to the rider.


IMG_6484The spot UV was applied in short slits instead of complete coverage, which gave pace and movement in the background of the shot and the rider was sharp in the foreground with no Spot UV which lifted him off the page. It is a very dramatic effect when you see it in the flesh and the light bounces off the spot UV (Not so easy to photograph but we hope you can appreciate the effect. )



You could use a spot UV  to pick out the detail of your products or to differentiate between 2 elements of a photograph or as it has been used here, to emphasise speed and movement in sporting photography. Brilliantly executed here to great effect. Well done Saddleback.  Another success for the cover of this prestigious magazine. But what technique will come next?