What is Drip Gloss?

Monday, September 19th, 2016 at 3:36 pm

What is Drip GlossHaving an area of your print which has a high gloss finish can be very effective in drawing attention to specific content or products.  There are a number of ways to achieve this, each technique having its strengths and benefits . For example the drip gloss is better than a spot UV for holding small details of a design or image, and can be used to great effect to show the texture of a product, as shown below.

So what exactly is a drip gloss.  It may be the opposite of what you might expect! You print onto a gloss sheet and a special matt coating is applied to specific areas. The areas which do not have the matt coating will remain glossy

It looks like a spot uv but because it can be done as an inline process (which means it is done on the same machine as the print itself and is added once the colours are laid down) the registration is much better as the paper is held in the same position when the coating is applied, rather than being moved to a new machine and lined up again. Which means it can be more accurate on more detailed textures. (like that shown below)

techniquesThere are so many different finishes available for your print job and they work best when applied in an appropriate applications. (Like the background pattern on the black, as shown above, which add a subtle texture to a plain background). We have so many finishes and techniques available including an array of foils used for foil blocking, embossing, debossing and binding from saddle stitching to perfect binding.

We can help work out which one is right for you or if you have an example of something you like,  then give us a call and we would be happy to talk you through what can be achieved in your budget. You may be surprised. It may not cost as much as you think to add an effect like this one and it could be money well spent to give your brand that extra standout from the competitors.