What is The Apple Core?

A template of your artwork means you can edit it yourself to create new versions and order the print online

What is The Apple Core?

The Apple Core is a system that we use to build artwork templates with editable fields for yourself, that can be easily edited by you, to create localised versions. How handy is that?

The templates are then hosted on a branded portal where users can log on and edit the artwork templates to create their own versions and place their order for print.

This is an invaluable system for any busy marketing department managing the print of material for multiples sites. Perfect for stationery and any material requiring localisation so Instead of having to manage all the different versions centrally, with costly design fees, let the users create their own artwork and place their own print, (within the parameters that you set)


Parameters you can set:

– You decide what products are available to each user

– You decide what are the editable fields ( images and copy)

– Editable fields are a set size and font so you know the design layout is protected.

– Requirement of artwork approval by central marketing department, before orders are placed

– Predetermined print spec (stock and finish) guaranteeing the consistency of the finish and colours

– Predetermined quantities and print costs


The portal could include templates for:

          Printed material

          Social Media

          Press advertising

The system can insist on a PO number being entered before the order can be placed.  This helps manage the reconciliation of jobs.

Would you like more information about artwork templates?

Give Lindsey a  call on 07786 267 662