Wood effect paper

Thursday, July 20th, 2017 at 9:37 am

selection of wood effect brasilia paper from gmund urban available through bristol printer, apple colour.

The Gmund Urban Brasilia collection features a wood effect

Gmund Urban has been launched with a new range of papers including a wood effect paper.  Available in a range of 4 colours, you may have the perfect application for such a textured stock.  Colours include Brasilia Grey (grey texture on a white paper) , Brasilia Black (black texture on a grey paper), Brasilia Dust (white texture on a grey stock) and Brasilia Powder (beige texture on a white paper).

There are a couple of other stocks within this range. One with a speckled effect and one with very thin lines. See more of this architectural inspired stock 

Gmund Brasilia architect with very fine lines, available through bristol printer apple colour

Gmund Urban Architect features very fine raised lines.

So if you have a saw mill, or a timber business, you are a carpenter or cabinet maker or perhaps you sell anything made of wood or wood related this could be the perfect stock to use for your marketing material or stationery.  With weights from 240-310gsm you could use it for the cover of a brochure, a leaflet or business card.  It will definitely get your brand or business noticed.

Just remember – the reverse is also textured so make sure you consider this at the design stage.

Bespoke textures can be achieved through foil blocking.

If you would like a sample of the stock contact the Bristol printer